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From the beginning, I would like to explain that this work is not so much for a writer, but for a reader, because it is for him, our modern reader, that there is a disproportionate burden on which very few people write. Imagine, with every written book, the number of literature, I need to read it.growing, while the number of books to be written is proportionally decreasing. Soon, a year of 5,000 such edac, writers won't have to write anything, everything will be written, and the readers will have to consume the serum of immortality so that they have some chance to read all the books that mankind has put on its duty to the truth.

Here, the author has come up with this problem, so he even began to thank the gods for destroying all kinds of literature, thereby taking care of future generations of intellectuals. In evidence, the author cites a fairly clear example of this sentiment: Nikolai Vasiljevic Gogol, who decided to save future readers, especially schoolchildren, to commit suicide and to destroy the second part of the Mortal spirit. Having put forward such a surprise and courageous thought, the author is thinking about the consequences of the said statement and very much hopes for the public ' s understanding.

Already now, the reader is facing such a vast number of the most diverse literature, which is surprising, as yet our dear reader has not been placed on the list of great heroes and has not given him a very high pension and honor on the part of people who are free from this curse, love for reading (also known as evil).

And in order not to fill the library of the work already written with his dubious creativity, the author has healed and turned his word to those who see great value in the words written rather than read by using weapons, so to speak, against the weapons themselves. However, the author adds that the reader will also benefit from the material in order to be more prepared when choosing a fresh reading.

As a result of the above, and in particular with regard to the reader, the modern romantic should be very strict with the result of his work (not only the Romanist clarifies the author). In joining his work, the writer must scrupulously comply with the rules developed by smart people specifically for him.

Rule 1. The modern novel is supposed to be very simple and understandable.

Starting from the name to the final point. The modern reader has enough problems, he has no power, no desire to guess what he needed. ♪ ♪

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