Popular Modern Writers

Modern domestic writers who are not only loved by us
Популярные современные

Every foreigner knows the Dostoy and Tolstoy. What about the modern authors? ReadRate has found out what relevant writers are now reading foreigners. You know, we're definitely proud!

Dostoevsky, Tolsto, Gogol, Pasternak, Solgins and Brodsky. The legacy of Russian literature abroad is still reading, but time goes... Whose aliens read as much as we do, Julian Barnes, Chuck Palanica, Michel Walbek, David Nichols and others? Despite the fact that domestic author missions on international fairs often fail, there are no grounds for sadness. We have authors who are loved abroad.

ReadRate has prepared a list of the seven authors being read abroad. It used Amazon.com data (number of books in foreign languages, popularity, number of readerships) and downloading/readability of PocketBook.

Foreign languages are also actively translated and then read by Dmitri Bykov (mainly his biography " Pasternak " ), Zahara Prileppin (the truth, recently the foreigner ' s love has declined because of the writer ' s political position), Ludmila Petruszewski, Marina Stepnov, Olga Slavnikov, Alexander Marin. It's strange, but with all the membership of the " big Russian literature " abroad, the writer of Alexei Ivanov is not translated.

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