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"film on" selected the five novels that the directors unfairly overlooked
Жуткая, одна из самых страшных

Топ-5 книг Стивена Кинга, которые стоит экранизироватьStephen King's studies are screened one by one. Recent projects planned for 2013 include the Dark Tower, Carrie, the Bryan De Palma Classic Horror Rememistry, the Prostate and Rose Marena. But some of the writer's novels have been left behind. Film Pro considers this unfortunate injustice and offers a hot five of the books of the " king of horrors " just created for the film screen.

Stephen King's Top 5 books, I think it's worth it. screen

River Phoenix, Stay with me

Steven King's books were inspired to screen many cinematographic corifs. Among them, George Romero, David Kronenberg, Brian De Palma, Stanley Cubrick and John Carpenter. But, paradoxically, the most successful viewers have made films on writers ' plots created by poor directors or debutants in a big movie. This was the case, for example, with Frank Darwant, where the picture of Shoeshenka's escape became the first full-time job.

A similar story happened to Rob Reiner, whose account was only two directors by 1985. In June, he began work on a film version of the King ' s “Télo” site (1982) from the Four Seasons. The adventure drama of " Stay with me " (1986), with the participation of River Fenix, was marked by huge cash charges and became a classic genre.

Steven King's general printouts have long passed over 300 million.

Logan Lerman as obsessed with schoolgirls. Why not?

There's a novel in Stephen King's bibliography that hasn't inspired any maker yet. Of particular interest are those that emerged in the 1970s and 1980s. A clear example of this is the " Jarity " published at the King ' s career in 1977. Charlie Decker's head of the book brings guns to school and decides to retrieve all his abusers. A story with a powerful psychological stress can be the basis for a vicious drama. The potential candidates for the role of Decker, Logan Lerman, whose actor talent in all colors was demonstrated by the Musketeers Paul Anderson. The film could be led by the same Rob Reiner, who, in addition to staying with me, had a wonderful Misery movie.

Roman Blaise, written at the beginning of the 1970s and published only in 2007, is another undervalued piece of work, in our view. It is aware of the student of the criminal who, after the death of his mentor, decides to do one extremely risky case on his own.

Jonah Hill's comedian was a hell of a lot worse, but it'll still be great for King's Blaise.

A blaze of heavy bodywork, so John Hill could play it, who changed everything, trying to change the comedy implois into drama. If David Fincher holds the chair, the Social Network will certainly be a masterpiece.

The next candidate for screening, the futuristic novel of "Front Walk," is one of King's most powerful works. It's remarkable that the book, like the two previous ones, is written under his alias Richard Bachman. The U.S. marathon is said to be used annually among boys. The winner is the one who can survive a reckless walk.

Only one person survives. Jesse Eisenberg would be an excellent image of the chief character, who had successfully shown himself in a dramatic genre. The director of the Long Live could be Danny Boyle's psych drama master.

Brian De Palma Carrie (1976) was the first tape based on the King's book.

For Aaron Johnson, Kevin Delavan's role could be a serious professional breakthrough.

Quite worthy of the movies, novelled Deaths (1990), part of Four After midnight. The center of her story is a 15-year-old Kevin Delavan. On the occasion of his birthday, he buys a camera and finds that all new photos have a black dog. Kevin's scared the dog's approaching over time and looks more evil. The boy doesn't even know he's been facing evil forces. The best candidate for Kevin's role is Aaron Johnson, known as the Illusionist Triller. The Film Pro chair suggests that the founder of the “Sixth Emotions” and “Znakov”, M. Nytu Shyamalan, be hired.
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