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Rimma Piranova is a famous Romanist writer. She lives with her older daughter, Hello, the head of the gym. Their privacy is in peace until one day their peace violates the letter that Rome found in his son's office. ♪

Yuri Chulimov's capital entrepreneur, accustomed to comfortable life, was happy in the provincial Middle East for a long time. On the day of birth, on the bet, he's making a reckless bet with a young friend, claiming that he will live 10 days in the ordinary private sector without any convenience. ♪

Maria Vishnevsky is the daughter of a public high-ranking official. It's more than set up - a great apartment, a servant and a father's unlimited ability.Где живет Надежда Everything in a girl's life fits his plan. It includes entering the prestigious university into a faculty and marriage that... ♪

It turns out Vera Sergeyevna moved from Petersburg to a working town. There's a teacher in school for her. Russian literature♪ The beginning of work here has been marked by an unpleasant conflict with Dasha's teenager. The edagog was disturbed by her actions and behaviour. But Vera will find out later. ♪ ♪

Снег растает в сентябреJan Kunica is a talented girl who linked her life to the cinema. The starting actress is still satisfied with secondary roles and dreams of popularity and big screen. Destiny smiles at heroin, offering to be taken off in a mass of full-fledged picture of village life. ♪ ♪

Giana Somova is a professional sport and has approached the most important championship in her life. But the misfortune is always pushing heroin away from the victorious pedestal: a child suddenly escapes before her car, Somova is severely retarded and suffering from a car accident. After her hospital... ♪

На перекрестке радости и горяTatiana is a good-hearted and sensitive girl working as a simple salesman. Happiness has already smiled heroin: relations with Gennady, a charming young man from a powerful family, are vindicating the whites of all the familiar. But lovers' feelings don't go through the test when they say they're pregnant. ♪ ♪

Anastasia Okuneva is moving to the capital to start a happy life. The girl's job is assisted by her mother's friend Kira Georgieevna, a mentor for Nastya's own construction company for a good job. The glab, the son of Kira Georgievna, is beginning to give her attention. ♪ ♪

Galina Andreyevna is an intelligent teacher of Fortepiano. A divorced woman has sacrificed herself in the upbringing of the only child, the beloved son of Maxim. Dreaming for a better fate for his son, Galina with a scandal makes his bride out of the house, a humble Vary, raised in a nursery. ♪ ♪

От печали до радости Городская рапсодия Долги совести Второй брак

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