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Jojo Moyez

Lou Clark knows how many steps from the bus stop to her house. She knows she likes her work at the café and that she probably doesn't like her boyfriend Patrick. But Lou doesn't know that she's about to lose her job and that in the near future she'll need all the strength to overcome...

Roberts, Gregory David

A rebel and a drug addict, a fighter who can throw a knife in a fight, a desperate guy running from an Australian prison, in a deaf Indian village, give a name to SHANTARAM, which in the marathi language means a peaceful man... D.G.Roberts wrote an amazing book about his life in India. It's not...

Moyes, Jojo

What will you do when you lose your loved one? Should we live after that? Now Lou Clark isn't just a regular girl living a normal life. Six months with Will Trainor changed her forever. Unforeseen circumstances make Lou...

Kis, Daniel.

Billy wakes up and finds out he's in a prison cell. He's told he's accused of rape and robbery. Billy's shocked he didn't do anything! The last thing he remembers is how he stands on the roof of the school building and wants to drop down because he can't live like that anymore.

Remark, Erich Maria

The most beautiful love affair in the twentieth century... The most fascinating in the 20th century of friendship... The most tragic and provocative novel about human relations in the history of the twentieth century.

A. and B.

"The weekly starts on Saturday. The story for young scientific workers, under this heading, a book was published in 1965, which has been read out and continues to be read by new and new generations. Hers, NICHAVO staff - Charodian Research Institute and...

Selinger, Jerome David
Series: Pocket book
Publication: Exmo Pepper: Flexible Year: 2013
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