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The roman of “war and peace” entered the top-50 books of great Britain
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mir1The Roman Russian classic Lion Tolstho, War and Peace, entered TPC-50 the most readable books Great Britain. History's invisible popularity connects to the premier one-name TV show on BBC.

The Russian classic has earned a European reader, Roman Lion of Tolstoy War and Peace, in the rating of TPC-50 of Britain ' s most readable books.

A single prime minister of the Air Force television station was popular with the book, after the movies went out on screens, the number of copies of the novel sold had increased a dozen times, and only a week in the country had two to three thousand books of various publishers.

It is worth noting that, last year, only 14 per cent of British people were familiar with the novel and were also going to read " leisurely " . The release of the novel series has infected Tolst, literally, the entire population of the country - over 13,000 copies of the book have been produced in several months.

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